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Lord, I See You

Lord, I see you in the green cathedral of majestic, aged trees,

and in every sparkling dewdrop falling from their leaves. I hear your voice in rippling water,

the sweet music of the streams,

and in the roar of waterfalls that echo in my dreams. I feel your touch in the playful breeze that gently caresses me,

and in the warmth of the summer sun or the wind we cannot see. I see you in the yellow buttercup and in the spiders jewelled web,

in the wax and waning of the moon and the tides that flow and ebb. I hear you in the thunder that crashes overhead,

and in the still, small voice that lives inside my head. Your presence is all around me,

in everything I see and hear,

and the beauty of your creation shows me you are near. Let the sounds of adulation make all creation ring,

as mountains stand in awe of you and men and angels sing.

Jackie S Brooks 8 March 2006

Jackie Brooks
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