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Being humble does not mean thinking less of yourself,

but thinking of yourself less.


Choices, choices, choices! Every day, all the time, we have to make choices: shall we do this, or that? At what time, when, who with and where? Tea or coffee? Hot or cold? Large or small? Shall we get married? Shall we have children? Where shall we live? Two thousand years ago, because he could see people were not making good choices, Jesus chose to leave the perfection of heaven and come to this imperfect world in order to show us how to live useful and healthy lives. He knew he would face opposition by some sections of society but, because he cared about us so passionately, he came anyway. Down through history, there have always been people who were prepared to risk everything for their beliefs, even to the point of opposing kings and governments. Eventually, Jesus was sent for trial and sentenced to be executed by crucifixion. The Jewish authorities of the day had already chosen to have him put to death - they felt threatened by this man and accused him of blasphemy when he hinted that he was the Son of God, the Messiah for whom they had been waiting many hundreds of years. But they didn’t recognise him and therefore didn’t believe him. Blasphemy was punishable by death. Now Jesus made another choice. He chose to let them nail him to the cross. He didn’t plead for his life or say “You’ve got the wrong bloke”. Why did he choose to die? The Bible says it was because he knew he would have such joy later on. By dying, he would make the way clear for us to go to heaven when we die, and be with him there forever. His one desire was to be with us forever. So, now, along with all our other choices, there is another one - shall we choose to get to know Jesus so we can spend eternity with him?