Leadership changes

It is with great sadness that we say goodbye at the end of October to five of our leadership team - Terence & Susan Maw, Trevor & Babs Smith, and Louise Bean. On behalf of all of us at VCF we want to say a big thank you to each and every one for all the input and the huge amount of time and effort put in over the years, that has helped make VCF the church it is today. Our prayer for you all is that God will continue to bless you and use you for His kingdom and His glory. Love and prayers from all of us.

The letters reproduced below were sent out by Terence and Trevor, expressing their reasons for leaving at this time:

I am sorry to write this letter, but wanted everyone to  be informed at the same time.

I hope you will understand our notice.


Since late 2011, my calling developed to help lead a Fellowship and encourage needy Christian people, love them and build a home church. I, with the help of others and especially Susan, have been at the helm with all its joys and sometimes sorrows. Events over the years have brought a richness to my life, realising that in the many years of shepherding sheep on the farm, God was, without me knowing, preparing my heart for service for Him.


Although I have had no formal training, I have led in the gentle way instilled in me, but in the way God has directed. Not every decision has brought the best of fruit, yet I have endeavoured to deepen others' relationship with our Heavenly Father, through teaching and expanding His word in action and words within the limitations of all our stages of life.


I have also looked for and encouraged everyone’s involvement in Praise, Worship and sharing Testimony. This aspect has thrilled me.


Over recent months I have received confirmation from a number of sources, that my calling is reaching its end and it is time for someone else to take the Church forward, in may be a different way, and so Susan and I are leaving our responsibilities behind within the coming weeks. I was working toward the end of October.

I am trying to prepare all for Ian, but he is needing more time to assess his position before God.


The leadership team, who have been a great strength to me, includes Ian, Babs and Trevor, Louise, Beryl.  Susan and I have been aware of our need for a while, but I felt it unwise to announce to everyone else until a plan for VCF was worked through. We hope this will happen very shortly, hence the letter.


I will be in touch again but want to finish this with a Big Thank you for all your encouragement to me personally and the way you all accepted my devotion to VCF within my very limited ability.


God will continue to Bless you through His Son Jesus Christ our Lord.



Hello lovely church family,

It is with regret and real sadness that Babs and Louise and I feel that the time is now right for us to retire from the fellowship. We are of advancing years and we have had a very tumultuous period over the last two years which has taken more out of us than we expected. Louise has decided to follow because she feels it would not be the same without us there at VCF.


Having started the fellowship with Terence and Sue, whom we will miss dreadfully, this would be the right time for us to go as well. The VCF leadership team will still be meeting during this month, to discuss the way forward and to complete our responsibilities by the end of October. You will always be in our hearts and prayers and our door will always be open. Bless you all for your support and faithfulness to us all.


God bless.  Love Babs and Trev.x

VCF - The future?

You may wonder what the future holds when the majority of the leadership team leaves at the same time. Well rest assured - at least for the foreseeable future, whilst we are still unable to meet together physically, things will carry on in much the same way as they have since lockdown began, and Sunday mornings will continue in the usual way on our Forum.


Ian Dodgson will be attempting to fulfil the role of Pastor, so if you have a pastoral need, or any other need or request, please contact Ian either by phone or email. We will be seeking God's will and guidance for every aspect of our future and, particularly, for a suitable venue for us to meet together again as soon as that becomes possible.