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After searching the archives, recordings of some of the testimonies that have been shared at church have come to light. Listen, enjoy, and be encouraged!

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March 5th 2016     The Testimony of Kinsley Grace Trimble

My wife Sara started contractions early in the morning on March 5th and by 1:03pm we heard the cry of a new born baby. We were rejoicing of God’s goodness and happy seeing the baby safe and sound. She had swallowed amniotic fluid and they were giving her oxygen to keep her up to speed breathing but when they would take the oxygen away her breathing quickly diminished. She wouldn’t nurse right away so they gave here formula which was spat up instantly raising some red flags. She was very limp for a new born and we could see the doctors and nurses talking more and more just out of distance. I noticed the nurses weren’t leaving the room and our Doctor stayed close by. An x-ray was called in to look at the lungs showing still a lot of fluid. On a second x-ray the tube placed down the esophagus was seen to curl back up like a fishing hook as if it was hitting something and not reaching the stomach. This x-ray showed no sign that the esophagus was attached to the stomach. A rare Tracheoesophageal fistula. So milk could be flooding the lungs and never reaching where it was supposed to. Children’s Hospital Doctors were now talking with West Point and looking at x-rays taken and it was collectively decided that Children’s Hospital would come immediately and take our unnamed baby, now 3 hours old to do an emergency surgery.

We felt so helpless as she was tested and poked again and again. Sara was heartbroken and I was trying to be strong but I wasn’t doing a very good job of it. Why God, was a question in my heart and mind. Why is everything such a struggle? I couldn’t bear the thought of scars upon my perfect new born child. But time was ticking and Children’s Hospital was now here to pick up our baby. I will never forget them bringing the baby into Sara’s room to say “goodbye”. It was as emotional and heart wrenching as I ever want to experience. She was taken by 3 nurses in blue full body suits and placed in a seat-belted incubator with oxygen.

I followed the ambulance with its flashing red lights and I prayed but in shock, I couldn’t pray very well. Sometimes all you can say is the name, Jesus… but I do know that my God heard me. I also text the whole known Christian world around me to be in earnest prayer for our baby.

For an hour and a half I could feel the enemy’s attacks upon my mind. Had I brought this on myself, is this some kind of a punishment or chastening and at the same time there seemed a greater peace that passed understanding. He was there with me in that car. He being Jesus. And folks from everywhere across the country were texting in saying they were praying for a specific miracle to be done. Namely for the oesophagus to be attached to the stomach.

In Omaha on the 4th floor of the NICU at Children’s Hospital I stood very broken but awaiting what might be a long and uncertain night. They told me that they would x-ray her again to triple check, before doing surgery. I walked, passing a floor with 40 little beds who were also emergency situations and I prayed for them as I waited in the room with my newborn praying and hoping against hope for an answer from God.

A nurse and the Doctor came into my room just then to show me the latest x-ray. This x-ray was different from the previous. The probe used to go down the throat now had clearly found the stomach. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I squinted through the tears welling in them. The oesophagus was clearly attached. I said, “So…so…! The nurse finished my sentence saying, “So your baby is going to be alright!!!” And this daddy wept as the joy of the Lord overwhelmed me and peace flooded my heart. I had to tell Sara! My next call was to my wife back in West Point at the hospital, as I explained what had all transpired I assured her there will be no surgery tonight, our baby is going to be fine.

Then the questions came. Did the Dr.’s get it wrong? Was there some kind of mistake in assumption? At that time we didn’t have those answers. But what we did know was this, that sometime during the hour and a half ride from West Point to Omaha as Christians prayed and believed for my little girl and for my wife and I, JESUS CHRIST TOUCHED her and HEALED HER!!

I stayed in the Rainbow House that night after holding and comforting my miracle girl. Sara was reunited with her newborn the next day and as the baby grew stronger day by day. On Tuesday we were all able to come home and all the kids were so ready to see Mommy and the new addition to the family.

Sara and I remembered, how we had often prayed that our lives would be used as a testimony to the grace and glory of God. We had received our test and now a wonderful testimony to the wonder working power of the Lord’s healing touch.

I can’t say enough about the staff and the West Point Hospital, especially our Nurse Maggie for her watchful eye and great instincts as well as our Dr. who made all the right calls to examine and x-ray our little one. The whole time they handled us with the greatest of love and of care. The Doctors saw all the text book signs of a Tracheoesophageal fistula, they even reviewed the x-rays time and time again with Doctors at Children’s Hospital before making the call. They didn’t miss it.

As I left to follow the ambulance the night of the birth our Doctor grabbed hands with us and asked me to pray. I’m a pastor and that is my job, right? Well this time I couldn’t…it was too much. So the Doctor knelt and Sara and I agreed as he prayed over us and this fragile little new life. I will never forget this. Nurses stopped in quickly to share that they would be in prayer for this child. Those prayers paid off.

At the one week checkup back in West Point, Sara told me as she talked to her Doctor that God is still in the miracle working business and that we mark this down as one for sure! Thank you nurses and doctors in West Point and Omaha, thank you Christian friends and family who believed God for the healing touch of our little Kinsley Grace Trimble. Praise God for His making good on His promise to our prayers to always give us a testimony that would glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you and may God’s son Jesus always be the greatest blessing of your life and our lives.

Aaron and Sara

Katelynn, Keaton, Kristen and Kinsley Grace, the Trimble’s.