Charities and Organisations

We are very privileged to be able to support the work of these people both prayerfully and financially. There are others too that have our support, who either do not have a website of their own, or we are unable to link to it. These include: Teen Challenge; Gideons; International China Concern.

Some of our most recent giving is as follows:

Salvation Army -Malton                                  £1,000      Food and Toy Project

            YMCA                                                      £500

            Food Bank                                              £1,000

            Salvation Army – Scarborough           £1,000      Homeless Project

            Thornton le Dale Methodist Church   £500

            The Bus – Pickering                              £1,000

                     (This money is currently being held till a decision is made on the future of the bus.)

            Ryedale Special Families                     £500

            The Wilf Ward Family Trust               £1000

            Compassion                                          £500

            Tear Fund                                              £500

            Ratanak                                                 £500

            UCB                                                         £500

            Open Doors                                            £500

A great big "Thank you" to all our generous and cheerful givers - it is your giving that makes all this possible, may God bless you richly.