Fellowship and Bible Study

Bible Study Group

The Bible study group usually meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of the month.

    For the next few meetings we will be using "The Bible Course" an excellent resource from The Bible Society which reveals the 'big picture' of the whole Bible, and shows how it applies to our lives today. 

Next meeting will be in the New Year, details to follow.

For more details on 'The Bible Course'

click here.

Ladies' coffee & fellowship mornings

We meet each first Tuesday of the month at 10.30 - 12ish, taking turns to host it in our homes.  We have a precious time starting with drinks and cakes over chatting about anything and everything, then one of us will bring a verse or two of Scripture and comment on it, usually linking it into life situations.  Sometimes we'll have discussion on that before having a time of prayer for whatever or whoever is on our minds at the time.  It is a totally enjoyable, relaxed time in a safe place where we can be honest and free to engage in true fellowship with one another, to gain support and care.  All ladies are welcome to come along.